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Castrol Products

Over 100 years old, and one of the most respected names in the industry. With a reputation for innovation and high performance engine oils, Castrol is an internationally recognized brand name. Castrol has the brand recognition, products and programs to increase traffic through your New Car Dealership, Quick Lube or Auto Repair Facility.   

Featuring high demand products like..............

  • GTX motor oils
  • GTX SynBlend motor oils
  • Edge Professional OE synthetic motor oils
  • Edge w/SPT synthetic motor oils
  • Edge w/Titanium synthetic motor oils
  • Transmax FS Multi-Vehicle ATF
  • Tection Extra heavy duty engine oil

We also stock ................
  • 4T Motorcycle oils
  • Actevo X-Tra motorcycle oils
  • Power RS Racing synthetic motorcycle oils
  • GTLMA brake fluid
  • Gear oils and greases

Hartog Oil Company proudly provides you with product specification sheets (Spec Sheets) or material safety data sheets (MSDS) on a wide array of Castrol products. You may contact our team personnel to assist in obtaining this information. If you wish, you may also follow the manufacturer's links that are listed below to obtain the details directly.


CASTROL Automotive Spec Sheets
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